Exile Brewing Ruthie Golden Lager 5.1% 355ml ×1

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Country of origin USA
Style Golden Lager
AVB 5.1%
Size 355ml can
Weight (1 can) 0.38Kg
IBU 18

▶Product Characteristics

The world’s best balanced beer is brewed with Munich and Pilsner malt and complimented with German Perle hops.

▶Exile Brewing Company

Being different sits at the very heart of Hobgoblin's DNA, which naturally starts with our brewing ethos: challenging, experimental, fearless and always seeking the extraordinary.

Every beer consists of a mix of malted barley, hops, yeast, and water, but it's how and when you put it together that makes the difference. There's nothing artificial about the Hobgoblin brand and there's certainly nothing artificial in our recipes. Wychwood Brewery beers are all-natural products, using the same ingredients that have been used for centuries to brew beer.

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